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December 2017

Village Meetings 2017

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Common Issues raised

  • Empty Shops in Batemans Bay – can we attract new businesses?
  • Batemans Bay as a Drawcard – what are we known for and how do we promote this?
  • Tourism – are Council and Tourism operators improving Tourism?
  • Tourism Signage and CBD signage is lacking.
  • Continuous Shared walkway/footpath not complete, poor footpath conditions, need to consider both in terms of access.
  • Impact of new bridge works on town and business.
  • Mackay Park Development – concerns over consultation process, concept design, 25 v 50 m pool, Will it be multi-use for arts and events?
  • Use of old bridge – what can we use it for maybe a dive attraction?
  • Design of new bridge – will it be iconic?
  • Issues of Water and Sewerage at Nelligen.
  • Poor Phone, mobile and internet coverage particularly north at Maloneys / Long Beach areas
  • Erosion issues at Surfside
  • Local Parks – condition of Albert Ryan Park and Surf Beach pedestrian crossing, foot bridge, parking and facilities.


Maloneys Beach  – 6 November 2017

  • Phone and internet

– Mobile coverage still not improved – risk to emergency services – OPTUS and Telstra equally bad

– NBN available however speed is slow and phone service is poor – 100mb with actual speed of 25 mb – waiting on others to join to help improve upgrades to service

– Phone service is intermittent

  • Bridge

– Bridge breakdown is concerning – emergency access, exacerbated by phone service, accessible walkway

  • Paddleboard operation – summer weather, 3 x locations
  • Sea rise

– Retrogate – inundation issues

– restoration

– Property loss – no compensation

– DA Issues 149.2

– Owners not allowed to protect property

– Euro higher than Bega and Shoalhaven

– Council Rep advised that this is being discussed

  • Wharf

– Erosion on Surfside

– Minimal designed structure

– changes to break wall

– faster current

– sand dragged out to river mouth

– poor solution at present

– surfside in real trouble with minimal wave protection

  • Food van regulation – to be clarified
  • Mackay Park – needs consultative approach
  • Batemans Bay Hospital

– Is it closing?

– Big concern for community and for Allied development

  • Broulee Private Hospital? where is this at?
  • Albert Ryan Park? Resolved in 2 weeks?
  • Pathway Review

– Yet to be released by council

– not a lot happening due to budget limitations

– high priority for Cullendulla Crossing


Nelligen – 7 November 2017

  • Water and Sewerage

– water getting critical (C/Park) 7 x loads per day

– Sewerage – pollution issue

– Council – no clear plan for upgrade

– Council – have employed an engineer consultant to do design to seek funding for sewerage and water (stage 2 bay ridge to fund storage for Nelligen)

  • Increased boat and long vehicle parking
  • new roadwork’s speed limit of 80kph – advised it should be 100 kph
  • 80kph speed limit a concern due to foot traffic security
  • events needs more support
  • Caravan and Camping show return to Batemans Bay is not secured


Batehaven – 8 November 2017

  • Balance of local tourism and business
  • Bay is a regional hub and needs to be recognised as one
  • Batehaven signage – roads and shops- response from responsible agencies required eg: RMS, Council, Council signage plan???
  • Speed zones around area a concern at Glenella Rd – Batemans Bay High School
  • Lighting at Corrigans Park and Playground not always on
  • Business Start Ups – need to know more what is on offer
  • Enticing business to the bay – is chamber involved and supporting pop-up stores also?
  • What are Batemans Bay Drawcards? needs promoting
  • Focusing on older and active generation and promoting to this demographic
  • Tourism budget for Eurobodalla is 1.2 mil enough and where does it go?
  • Inclusion and promotion of local Indigenous culture
  • Pool development – 25 v 50 metres?
  • Creating other industry on top of tourism for area
  • Promotion of the Botanic Gardens more
  • Surf Beach Crossing and parking at shops is a concern
  • Public bikes could they be installed along beach road areas?
  • Traffic management at roundabouts in north Bay needs looking at over peak seasons


Denhams Beach – 8 November 2017

  • Public Bin at sculpture needs removing
  • Surf beach Park – issues with poor access due to tree roots and pathway quality
  • Surf Beach shops and pedestrian access across Beach Road is required and replacement of the footbridge near shops on footpath area
  • Surf Beach grassed areas for parking overflow needs restoration including the footbridge
  • Shared pathway funding is needed- can Andrew Constance help with this?
  • Street seating in general
  • Using t he old Bay Bridge as tourist drawcard due to iconic status
  • Heritage structures around bay need promotion and attention – we are knocking them down and not keeping them
  • speed limits there are many variations in the bay along Beach Rd
  • What is the future of the tip and sewerage area? Is there a possible re-location ?
  • Roundabouts needs attention for beautification work
  • Road side clearing of trees what is the reason behind this?
  • Fence at Surf Beach for restoration of dunes needs attention or removal
  • Bus Stop at George Bass Dr and Silverdell needs attention for access
  • Surf Beach shops car park is difficult to access and has several minor accidents. Main road and Explorers way need attention to car parking and access
  • Headland Walk is in poor condition up from Denhams Beach with lots of erosion


Malua Bay – 10 November 2017

  • Hotel development at Malua Bay – approved to start with 54 rooms, chain operation and 3 x stories
  • Marina at Bay – is this going to expand or more development?
  • Tourism – offering of activities is needed, some poor accommodation has been reported – council has appointed a Tourism Manager
  • Rental costs in the CBD are high – hard to get business to start up and controlled by landlords
  • Mackay Park

– Swimming Pool 25 v 50 m

– Arts community?

– Multi use venue design options?

– Community Consultation?

  • Garbage bins at sculpture need removing
  • Marina Development – under improvements
  • Chamber proposal for Pier for Cruise ship access
  • Roads – concerns on traffic at cross roads, what is happening with Glenella Rd bypass to highway?
  • Dive Reef – can we use the old Bay bridge as a dive site?
  • Bowling Alley in town would be great to see
  • Shared walkways required for safe access
  • Restaurant and bar could be put in at the Surf Club at Malua Bay
  • More events in the area


Batemans Bay – 13 November 2017

  • Impact of new bridge on town and commerce
  • local job opportunities for new bridge work?
  • access of bridge for elderly and pedestrians
  • Retention of part of the iconic bridge
  • Are there 2 x lanes into North Street from Highway?
  • Pontoons north of bridge – water taxis, more pier access and tourism activities along the river needed
  • Tourism traffic is missing Clyde Street and town – no signage or engagement of traffic from highway
  • Visitor information in Clyde St / Foreshore – what is the vehicle access to Clyde St from Bridge?
  • Bus Bay access – impact on business in Clyde St from new bridge
  • Activate the foreshore in Clyde Street
  • Christmas decorations in the bay are pathetic! no shop fronts dressed up, prizes could be given for best display in shops etc
  • Mackay Park – consultation process and public meetings have been a waste of time
  • Pool 25 m v 50 m – not consultation with swimming groups, schools etc
  • Concern of rates effect from Mackay Park development
  • 22/11/17 Meeting Perfex – BBay Community Centre – Pool Party is Welcome
  • Albert Ryan Park decision of decommissioning of toilets
  • Single Rallying Phrase – “No more nice guy” catch phrase
  • $47 Mil for a pool no ones wants – fight for the next generation
  • Given up on current pool – closed at 2pm and don’t sell goggles or hot chips
  • Current pool is White Elephant
  • Worries of heat and chlorine of new pool
  • 6 months turnaround for sports infrastructure decisions
  • Pool street march and pack the pool?
  • More promotion for local shop front – competition for attending shops with prizes to find Christmas items and include promotion for January
  • Concerns of current proposal for Mackay Park pool as a white elephant
  • Public square fountain and chairs
  • Rates economically sound model
  • 3 hours worth of analytical time?
  • Town Beach – deck chairs and umbrellas, no reason for tourists to turn into North Street
  • Attractive and pretty town centre
  • Accumulative affect of lots of small contributions by individual retailers
  • Ross Report – Public Parks, BB Rotary Park, Albert Ryan Park – community prepared to contribute to beautification
  • Single voice for issues such as Mackay Park, empty shops, high unemployment, age discrepancy
  • Sydney Food Bowl to Euro Bowl
  • If you don’t do anything about our future, no reason to complain
  • United Voice – negate ‘divide and conquer’ mentality and get together.
  • Gateway ??
  • Street scaping looks good
  • Christmas Markets at night
  • NB roll out in town