IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Message to Members Regarding Bushfire Assistance

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The Committee wish to express our profound sympathy to all members & all other businesses in our community who have been affected by the bushfires and especially those who have suffered infrastructure loss.

Please forward this message to any business or individual which you feel will benefit from the following information.

We ask that if you believe we can assist in anyway whatever, that you do not hesitate to contact us at – & cc the email to or you can phone Charles Stuart (Vice President) on 0438 888 864 or Maree Jackson (Treasurer) on 0458411953.

The following information and links may be of assistance to business: –

NBN are operating a free of charge internet service, battery charging facility and internet connected computers for personal and business banking and general connectivity. They are located at the Evacuation Centre at Hanging Rock Community Hall, adjacent to the Batemans Bay Library and Uni of Wollongong campus and plan to stay this week.

Cash donations are preferred over goods as charities are struggling with staff levels, transport and warehousing. Please donate if you are able, to: Salvation Army Disaster Appeal – When you make a donation please nominate the area that you would like to donations to come to e.g. South Coast NSW, Eurobodalla, or a town, etc –

The NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) noted that while there are many ways you can help, “the best way is to donate money. This allows people to buy the things they need, and it supports local businesses which have also been impacted.”

The following are links for financial assistance for individuals, businesses & employees that have been affected by the bush fires: –

  1. The Regional Assistance Authority funding of up to $15,000 is for Primary Producers, Small businesses & Not-for-Profit Organisations. You can find more information at 
  2. Disaster Recovery Allowance is a short-term payment to help you if a declared disaster directly affects your income. You can get it for a maximum of 13 weeks. It’s payable from the date you lose income as a direct result of the NSW Bushfires in August, September, October, November, December 2019 and January 2020 –
  3. Support for eligible people adversely affected by the bushfires in New South Wales in August 2019 through to January 2020 – $1000 per adult & $400 for each child younger than 19 –
  4. The NSW Government Office of Emergency Management provides links for Financial Assistance after an emergency & recovery information & support to communities – 
  5. NAB customers who have lost homes this bushfire season can immediately access $2,000 grants to help cover costs such as temporary accommodation, food and clothing. I believe that other Banks are also providing similar grants.
  6. The NSW Chamber of Commerce have the Advice Line & ask that businesses to call the number should they have any legal questions relating to staff, or other business issues. They can contact the advice line on 13 29 59 
  7. The Commonwealth Bank have announced they will assist their Customers with restocking their Business and/or rebuilding. Please discuss this with your bank to obtain assistance.

Yours sincerely.

Alison Miers


7 January 2020


Chamber Activity Update to June 2018

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  1. New Chamber website is up and running, please comment. We are looking for Facebook administrators and assistance to help post Chamber information and generate discussion.
  2. Congratulation’s to Batemans Bay Paddle Challenge and River of Art organisers and volunteers for two wonderful events.
  3. NSW Marine Infrastructure Workshop at Narooma. Chamber forwarded Batemans Bay Cruise Ship Pier proposal, Dive Site and Pontoons for recreational boat access to the CBD. Event Strategy was also discussed.
  4. A letter was sent to RMS (NSW Roads and Maritime Services) regarding the bridge construction, planning and scheduling. The Chamber has asked how we can fit into their consultative process.
  5. Charles Stuart has organised meetings with RMS regarding the Dive Site and CBD pontoon proposals. Charles has also been privy to Councils report on the cruise ship pier.
  6. The executive is going through a series of questions with the executive leadership team at Council on a monthly basis. If members would like to pose any question please let the executive know.
  7. Guest Speaker for July is Wayne Kirkpatrick, former CEO Uluru, Thredbo and Hamilton Island developments and current NSW Network Destination Southern Region board member.
  8. Chamber has formerly asked Council to contribute $25,000 of the $50,000 for the Sculpture on Clyde acquisitive prize, which will be gifted to Council as a permanent piece of public art. Much the same as “Buoyansea” –(the octopus on Beach Road). This year we have renowned Australian and Overseas sculptors entering significant works.

The Bilbao effect

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After Terry Snow spoke at the last Chamber meeting he suggested I share what the “Bilbao Effect” is with Members, as he see’s our town centre Vision, world class sculpture walk and Mackay Park Proposal as a Bilbao effect:   please read and be inspired about what we can achieve…

The Bilbao effect

(The Bilbao effect which is also known as Guggenheim effect pertains to the cause and effect relationship that occurred when a single world-class project became the catalyst for reviving this once gritty, economically distressed, port city. Bilbao Effect means more than the urge to travel…)

“The port city transformed to a tourist magnet.  It became one of the travel destinations… It has changed the whole economy. In 3 years, the revenue was enough to recoup the construction costs. Cultural activities are needed for making the city better… It brings renewal and vigour to city life. Actually Guggenheim is more than one building or museum. It has changed the whole economy of the city… Visitors spend large amounts on accommodation, shopping, transportation, eating and drinking… This represents lots of new jobs. IACC Cerem Temel 2014

Jan 6th 2014 Excerpt from “THE ECONOMIST”

A THRIVING CULTURAL sector is an essential part of what makes a city great, along with green spaces and immigrants who bring renewal and vigor to city life, according to a recent study by McKinsey, a consultancy. The opening of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao in northern Spain (pictured) in 1997, 20 years after the Pompidou Centre, shows how an imaginatively designed museum commissioned by an energetic mayor can help turn a city around.

Visitors’ spending in Bilbao in the first three years after the museum opened raised over €100m ($110m) in taxes for the regional government, enough to recoup the construction costs and leave something over. Last year more than 1m people visited the museum, at least half of them from abroad. This was the third-highest number ever, so the building continues to attract visitors even though the collection on display is modest. Other cities without historic cultural centre’s now look to Bilbao as a model for what vision and imagination can achieve.

Over the next decade more than two dozen new cultural centre’s focused on museums are due to be built in various countries, at an estimated cost of $250 billion, according to a study by AEA Consulting, a New York firm that specialises in cultural projects..

Such cultural hubs need a clear vision of what they can offer if visitors are to come more than once. The new centre in Perth, an expanded version of the existing Western Australian Museum, is relaunching itself as the museum of the Indian Ocean and is already planning exhibitions in collaboration with museums in Mumbai, Muscat, Abu Dhabi and Nairobi.

Village Meetings 2017

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Common Issues raised

  • Empty Shops in Batemans Bay – can we attract new businesses?
  • Batemans Bay as a Drawcard – what are we known for and how do we promote this?
  • Tourism – are Council and Tourism operators improving Tourism?
  • Tourism Signage and CBD signage is lacking.
  • Continuous Shared walkway/footpath not complete, poor footpath conditions, need to consider both in terms of access.
  • Impact of new bridge works on town and business.
  • Mackay Park Development – concerns over consultation process, concept design, 25 v 50 m pool, Will it be multi-use for arts and events?
  • Use of old bridge – what can we use it for maybe a dive attraction?
  • Design of new bridge – will it be iconic?
  • Issues of Water and Sewerage at Nelligen.
  • Poor Phone, mobile and internet coverage particularly north at Maloneys / Long Beach areas
  • Erosion issues at Surfside
  • Local Parks – condition of Albert Ryan Park and Surf Beach pedestrian crossing, foot bridge, parking and facilities.


Maloneys Beach  – 6 November 2017

  • Phone and internet

– Mobile coverage still not improved – risk to emergency services – OPTUS and Telstra equally bad

– NBN available however speed is slow and phone service is poor – 100mb with actual speed of 25 mb – waiting on others to join to help improve upgrades to service

– Phone service is intermittent

  • Bridge

– Bridge breakdown is concerning – emergency access, exacerbated by phone service, accessible walkway

  • Paddleboard operation – summer weather, 3 x locations
  • Sea rise

– Retrogate – inundation issues

– restoration

– Property loss – no compensation

– DA Issues 149.2

– Owners not allowed to protect property

– Euro higher than Bega and Shoalhaven

– Council Rep advised that this is being discussed

  • Wharf

– Erosion on Surfside

– Minimal designed structure

– changes to break wall

– faster current

– sand dragged out to river mouth

– poor solution at present

– surfside in real trouble with minimal wave protection

  • Food van regulation – to be clarified
  • Mackay Park – needs consultative approach
  • Batemans Bay Hospital

– Is it closing?

– Big concern for community and for Allied development

  • Broulee Private Hospital? where is this at?
  • Albert Ryan Park? Resolved in 2 weeks?
  • Pathway Review

– Yet to be released by council

– not a lot happening due to budget limitations

– high priority for Cullendulla Crossing


Nelligen – 7 November 2017

  • Water and Sewerage

– water getting critical (C/Park) 7 x loads per day

– Sewerage – pollution issue

– Council – no clear plan for upgrade

– Council – have employed an engineer consultant to do design to seek funding for sewerage and water (stage 2 bay ridge to fund storage for Nelligen)

  • Increased boat and long vehicle parking
  • new roadwork’s speed limit of 80kph – advised it should be 100 kph
  • 80kph speed limit a concern due to foot traffic security
  • events needs more support
  • Caravan and Camping show return to Batemans Bay is not secured


Batehaven – 8 November 2017

  • Balance of local tourism and business
  • Bay is a regional hub and needs to be recognised as one
  • Batehaven signage – roads and shops- response from responsible agencies required eg: RMS, Council, Council signage plan???
  • Speed zones around area a concern at Glenella Rd – Batemans Bay High School
  • Lighting at Corrigans Park and Playground not always on
  • Business Start Ups – need to know more what is on offer
  • Enticing business to the bay – is chamber involved and supporting pop-up stores also?
  • What are Batemans Bay Drawcards? needs promoting
  • Focusing on older and active generation and promoting to this demographic
  • Tourism budget for Eurobodalla is 1.2 mil enough and where does it go?
  • Inclusion and promotion of local Indigenous culture
  • Pool development – 25 v 50 metres?
  • Creating other industry on top of tourism for area
  • Promotion of the Botanic Gardens more
  • Surf Beach Crossing and parking at shops is a concern
  • Public bikes could they be installed along beach road areas?
  • Traffic management at roundabouts in north Bay needs looking at over peak seasons


Denhams Beach – 8 November 2017

  • Public Bin at sculpture needs removing
  • Surf beach Park – issues with poor access due to tree roots and pathway quality
  • Surf Beach shops and pedestrian access across Beach Road is required and replacement of the footbridge near shops on footpath area
  • Surf Beach grassed areas for parking overflow needs restoration including the footbridge
  • Shared pathway funding is needed- can Andrew Constance help with this?
  • Street seating in general
  • Using t he old Bay Bridge as tourist drawcard due to iconic status
  • Heritage structures around bay need promotion and attention – we are knocking them down and not keeping them
  • speed limits there are many variations in the bay along Beach Rd
  • What is the future of the tip and sewerage area? Is there a possible re-location ?
  • Roundabouts needs attention for beautification work
  • Road side clearing of trees what is the reason behind this?
  • Fence at Surf Beach for restoration of dunes needs attention or removal
  • Bus Stop at George Bass Dr and Silverdell needs attention for access
  • Surf Beach shops car park is difficult to access and has several minor accidents. Main road and Explorers way need attention to car parking and access
  • Headland Walk is in poor condition up from Denhams Beach with lots of erosion


Malua Bay – 10 November 2017

  • Hotel development at Malua Bay – approved to start with 54 rooms, chain operation and 3 x stories
  • Marina at Bay – is this going to expand or more development?
  • Tourism – offering of activities is needed, some poor accommodation has been reported – council has appointed a Tourism Manager
  • Rental costs in the CBD are high – hard to get business to start up and controlled by landlords
  • Mackay Park

– Swimming Pool 25 v 50 m

– Arts community?

– Multi use venue design options?

– Community Consultation?

  • Garbage bins at sculpture need removing
  • Marina Development – under improvements
  • Chamber proposal for Pier for Cruise ship access
  • Roads – concerns on traffic at cross roads, what is happening with Glenella Rd bypass to highway?
  • Dive Reef – can we use the old Bay bridge as a dive site?
  • Bowling Alley in town would be great to see
  • Shared walkways required for safe access
  • Restaurant and bar could be put in at the Surf Club at Malua Bay
  • More events in the area


Batemans Bay – 13 November 2017

  • Impact of new bridge on town and commerce
  • local job opportunities for new bridge work?
  • access of bridge for elderly and pedestrians
  • Retention of part of the iconic bridge
  • Are there 2 x lanes into North Street from Highway?
  • Pontoons north of bridge – water taxis, more pier access and tourism activities along the river needed
  • Tourism traffic is missing Clyde Street and town – no signage or engagement of traffic from highway
  • Visitor information in Clyde St / Foreshore – what is the vehicle access to Clyde St from Bridge?
  • Bus Bay access – impact on business in Clyde St from new bridge
  • Activate the foreshore in Clyde Street
  • Christmas decorations in the bay are pathetic! no shop fronts dressed up, prizes could be given for best display in shops etc
  • Mackay Park – consultation process and public meetings have been a waste of time
  • Pool 25 m v 50 m – not consultation with swimming groups, schools etc
  • Concern of rates effect from Mackay Park development
  • 22/11/17 Meeting Perfex – BBay Community Centre – Pool Party is Welcome
  • Albert Ryan Park decision of decommissioning of toilets
  • Single Rallying Phrase – “No more nice guy” catch phrase
  • $47 Mil for a pool no ones wants – fight for the next generation
  • Given up on current pool – closed at 2pm and don’t sell goggles or hot chips
  • Current pool is White Elephant
  • Worries of heat and chlorine of new pool
  • 6 months turnaround for sports infrastructure decisions
  • Pool street march and pack the pool?
  • More promotion for local shop front – competition for attending shops with prizes to find Christmas items and include promotion for January
  • Concerns of current proposal for Mackay Park pool as a white elephant
  • Public square fountain and chairs
  • Rates economically sound model
  • 3 hours worth of analytical time?
  • Town Beach – deck chairs and umbrellas, no reason for tourists to turn into North Street
  • Attractive and pretty town centre
  • Accumulative affect of lots of small contributions by individual retailers
  • Ross Report – Public Parks, BB Rotary Park, Albert Ryan Park – community prepared to contribute to beautification
  • Single voice for issues such as Mackay Park, empty shops, high unemployment, age discrepancy
  • Sydney Food Bowl to Euro Bowl
  • If you don’t do anything about our future, no reason to complain
  • United Voice – negate ‘divide and conquer’ mentality and get together.
  • Gateway ??
  • Street scaping looks good
  • Christmas Markets at night
  • NB roll out in town