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December 2019 Newsletter

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And I am absolutely confident this statement holds true for each and every one of you.

Not only as members of the Batemans Bay Business & Tourism Chamber, but as locals who understand how fantastic this place really is.

And it will continue to be a fantastic place in spite of the terrible impact the current bushfires are having on our town and more-so our wider communities.

Now, more than ever, I believe our community will need to pull together and support each other, and our local businesses.

We all love our area and we all want to see it pull through these difficult times.

So, the Chamber is pushing ahead and thinking positive.

Last night I was thrilled to launch a wonderful new Chamber initiative “Love the Bay” at our Christmas party at Sam’s Pizzeria, and today I am equally pleased to be announcing this local pride campaign to our Members in our new look e-newsletter.

This important Chamber-driven partnership with construction company John Holland, and 100% support from Council, is all about businesses and residents focusing on positive community pride.

We know that we Love the Bay, but do we really say it often enough?

Batemans Bay is a place for positivity, connectivity and future growth, and we, as local businesses, need to be saying this, over and over: to our customers, to visitors, to our families and friends, but most of all we need to be saying this to ourselves.

The campaign includes a push on social media for locals to share what they love about the Bay, profiles on influential business personalities and locals, along with media promotions and advertising. Content will focus on shopping local, the places and spaces locals like best and activities they like to share with visiting friends and relatives.

I am inviting you all to jump on board with this campaign, to become ambassadors for Love the Bay, and to spread the love as much as you can.

There are so many exciting opportunities Love the Bay will roll out in 2020, and I encourage you all to participate as much as you can.

You can start feeling the love by jumping onto Facebook and Instagram and liking our Love the Bay social media pages. As opportunities arise you will be the first to know.

Show how much you Love the Bay by displaying our hot pink sticker in your shopfronts, on your company vehicles, and in your offices.

Use the brand in your own marketing promotions!

You will already have noticed the large pink banners on major roads around our town, but this is only just the beginning of this compelling campaign.

Support the events Love the Bay will be sponsoring over coming months starting with the CABBI Creative Arts Batemans Bay event. This annual art & craft exhibition runs from 15th December to 12th January at a new venue, 3-5 Clyde Street on our beautiful foreshore.

You can grab some stickers, find out further information, or just have a chat to members of the Love the Bay working group by contacting us via our social media channels.

Please spread the love by forwarding this information to non-Member businesses too, we are all in this together, and who knows, perhaps they will come to see the benefits of being Members when we collectively Love the Bay.

Our campaign working group is also looking at opportunities where we might assist the current bushfire efforts, and we will keep you up to date on this as they unfold.

You can find Love the Bay material in these places:

Sub Committees

The Chamber Executive believe that creating Sub Committees will help drive the Chamber to bright and better outcomes in the longer term and with co-ordination between each of these committees. The Executive has been working hard over the past three months but needs the support and help of our Members. We are inviting those who are willing to volunteer some time, to be part of and contribute to a sub committee. You may have 

experience or some expertise you wish to share.  We understand and appreciate the demands your business makes of you and nominating for a Sub Committee, where you feel you could make a contribution, would be of great assistance to all Members of the Chamber.

Events – David Seymour

The Sub Committee is actively engaged with the Paddle Challenge event committee in ensuring the event for early 2020 is a success.  

The Sub- Committee together with the Event Committee are actively engaging with Govt. Departments, DNSW and ESC for grant opportunities.  Similarly, the Event Committee are seeking both financial and like-kind sponsorship opportunities with local businesses. Following the 2019 Event ‘Sculpture for Clyde’ was incorporated and is now operating as a separate entity to the Chamber – we will continue to be very supportive of the wonderful legacy event for this area and what it brings.



Maritime – Charles Stuart with Daimon Martin [Foreshore / Pontoons / Cruise Ship / Scuba Dive Site] 

Three initiatives which are currently being worked on; 

  1. CRUISE SHIP VISITATIONS – working with ESC and Ports Authority to develop a CBD walking map and video for presentation to on – board passengers. 
  2. UNDERWATER SCUBA DIVE SITE – WORKING WITH Marine Park Authority and Fishers. Project is on hold at this time, until boundaries for the marine park are redefined.  
  3. PONTOONS IN THE BAY – working toward having a seaplane pontoon included with RMS proposal to replace ‘T’ wharf with two pontoons. ESC supports this proposal and expects a decision from RMS soon.

Marketing & Membership – Cameron Thompson – Alan Imrie – John Stringer [Business website linkage & cross promotion / membership drives / workshops / volunteers]

Working towards building on our website visibility and creating a new membership drive, plus giving input to the Executive by creating more engaging chamber meetings and giving members value – so we are able to create a strong local business chamber to have a voice.




Industrial Area Activation & Direction Sub-Committee – David Seymour – Peter Meares – Geoff Hatton [Traffic / Parking / Promotion]

The industrial area needs a voice and the chamber would like to support that.  As a past President, Peter Meares, has experience under his belt and is keen for the industrial area to be supported via the chamber.  Car parking within the industrial area is a current debate being had and the Sub-Committee is working alongside Council to come up with a solution.

CBD Activation & Direction  – Alison Miers – David Seymour – Charles Stuart & Maria Moretra [Bannercondas / Christmas Decorations / Street Beautification]

The team are working actively with Council on a range of ideas at the moment.  From the foreshore activation, to working closely with Centre Management (Coles and Woolworths) on solutions for the shopping trolleys left within the CBD and afar.  The empty shops another area that has been discussed. The lane way beside the old Bay Office Supply building and tidying it up.  Lots of things on the agenda that are currently being worked through.

Guest Speakers – Alison Miers with Peter Munday​ 

If you were fortunate enough to be at the last Chamber meeting – Pete Munday gave a interesting insight into his business life and his involvement with charities in Canberra.  Peter lives in Batemans Bay half of the week and is keen to see the area develop and grow.  He has many ideas to bring engaging speakers to our meetings so watch this space. 

We are all working towards building a stronger business community and we thank you for your support and on behalf of your Committee we wish you all a very enjoyable Christmas and a profitable New Year.

Your Chamber President,

Alison Miers

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