Bodalla Cheese Factory & Bodalla Dairy Shed

[member_desc]Bodalla cheese was Australia’s first commercial cheese, and the first cheese to be exported. Bodalla cheese is a household name, and to this day, say Bodalla, and people say “cheese”.

At Bodalla Dairy’s Factory which on the Princes Highway, in the centre of this historic village, we continue the tradition by gently pasteurizing our herd’s beautiful milk in the old fashioned batch pasteurizing way. It is not pushed through hot pipes and we only take it to the lowest allowable pastuerising temperature of 63 deg to protect its’ original integrity.

Of course, the quality of the final cheese product depends greatly on the quality of the unhomogenized milk you start with. Our cheese products get the best start possible and the end result ( we hope you agree) reflects the care and passion of our dedicated team.

[/member_desc][member_contact][member_address]52 Princes Highway, Bodalla, NSW 2545[/member_address] [member_email][/member_email] [member_website][/member_website] [member_phone]Cheese Factory Phone: 02 4473 5234[/member_phone] [member_phone]Dairy Shed Phone: 02 4473 5555[/member_phone] [member_fax]02 4473 5550[/member_fax] [/member_contact]

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