[member_desc]What We Offer:
[member_desc_sub]Compliance[/member_desc_sub]We review workplace processes and documents to identify and fix any areas of non-compliance. We also provide tailored documents (contracts, handbooks etc) plus guidance on using them.
[member_desc_sub]Advice[/member_desc_sub]You receive unlimited, proactive and professional advice on employment relations and workplace health and safety whenever you need it, day or night.
[member_desc_sub]Representation[/member_desc_sub]If you are faced with a claim, our in-house experts will advise you every step of the way and if required, our legal partners, Sparke Helmore Lawyers will provide professional representation.
[member_desc_sub]Insurance[/member_desc_sub]We can protect you from the financial burden associated with Fair Work and Work Health & Safety claims. With insurance underwritten by QBE, you can rest assured we have you covered. Conditions apply.
[/member_desc][member_contact][member_person]David Bjorngaard[/member_person] [member_address]180 Thomas St, Sydney, NSW, 2000[/member_address] [member_email]david.bjorngaard@employsure.com.au[/member_email] [member_website]www.employsure.com.au[/member_website] [member_phone]0437 716 586[/member_phone] [/member_contact]

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