Kim Leighton Food Policy and Regulation Consulting

[member_desc]Kim Leighton advises food manufacturers and suppliers of processed and packaged foods on how to meet state and national food safety & regulation requirements.

From start-up entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized food businesses in New South Wales, Kim can help business operators both locally and in new export Asian markets looking to expand and grow their business.

Kim is available for discrete projects, supporting innovation and new product development through a strategic analysis of food policy and regulations. and how these impact on business requirements. Businesses may also look to engage Kim in an ongoing advisory service on food policy and regulatory affairs that impact on their current product range.

[member_desc_sub]Receive a service tailored to suit your specific business needs.[/member_desc_sub]Kim specialises in the following areas of regulatory affairs:-
[member_desc_sub]Regulation & Policy[/member_desc_sub]> Policy Settings > Regulations & Law > Non regulatory Standards
[member_desc_sub]Risk assessment & Risk Management[/member_desc_sub]> Hazard Identification & Threat Analysis > Risk Mitigation
[member_desc_sub]Engagement & Advocacy[/member_desc_sub]> Industry >Consumer/ Media
[/member_desc][member_contact][member_email][/member_email] [member_website][/member_website] [member_phone]Please phone, 0481 396 320 to arrange an initial consultation.[/member_phone] [/member_contact]

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