[member_desc][member_desc_sub]Eat in take away freshly opened / Unopened Oysters – Tantalising sauces – Marinated Mussels – Green / Peeled Prawns
6 North St Batemans Bay South Coast New South Wales (NSW)
[/member_desc_sub][member_desc_sub]Gate to Plate[/member_desc_sub]Stefan and Kathy Paschalides continue the farming and retail tradition established by family patriarch Christos more than 30 years ago. In the early 1970’s Christos opened the Pearly Oyster Bar at the same location where it stands today making the oyster bar one of the longest continuously owned and operated businesses in Bateman’s Bay. The CLYDE RIVER ESTUARY is the second largest producer in New South Wales with just under a million dozen SYDNEY ROCK and Native Flat Oysters harvested each year. The Clyde River farm is involved in all aspects of the farming process producing seed stock which are grown to juvenile stage close to shore for four to six months then are placed further out where they grown to maturity for two to three years. The longer they are left to grow the more premium product produced. Once they are harvested they are taken to the shed where they are meticulously graded for quality assurance and freshly opened for you to enjoy at the PEARLY OYSTER BAR 6 North Street Batemans Bay.
[/member_desc][member_contact]Proprietors: Stefan & Kathy Paschailidis
[member_address]6 North Street Batemans Bay[/member_address] [member_email]pearlyoysterbar@bigpond.com[/member_email] [member_phone](02) 4472 4233[/member_phone] [member_fax](02) 4472 7288[/member_fax] [/member_contact]

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