[member_desc][member_desc_sub]Why Hire South Coast DJ’s?[/member_desc_sub][member_desc_list]
  • We are experienced, enthusiastic, and offer a professional service at great value for money.
  • A wide range of packages at a fixed price, all of which include professional equipment.
  • A personal service. We listen to our clients to ensure you get the party and the music you want at a price you can afford.
  • All music is purchased legally, which means the royalties go to the artists.
[/member_desc_list]Visit our website www.southcoastdjs.com.au
[/member_desc][member_contact][member_email]southcoastdjsnsw@gmail.com[/member_email] [member_website]www.southcoastdjs.com.au[/member_website] [member_phone]0488 977 791[/member_phone] [/member_contact]

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