Love the Bay – Club Catalina

💥 Exclusive Love the Bay business video series 💥
Club Catalina plays a very special part in the story of Batemans Bay – and it’s 100 years old this year 🍰🍾🍻
Located in idyllic surroundings, this now modern and spacious golf club 🏌️‍♀️  🏌️‍♂️ continues to support its community through the good times and the bad.
Slowly opening its doors again (in line with public health advice), you can already grab a coffee  and it won’t be long before you can again order from the great menu 🥩🍗🥗 and enjoy time out with your friends and family 🥂.

This and all other amazing Love the Bay business videos have been produced by Martin Helmreich from Production Haus

💕 Love the Bay is an initiative of the Batemans Bay Business and Tourism Chamber, supporting and promoting the wider Bay community 💕