Love the Bay – Soul Tribe Studio

By September 24, 2020Love the Bay

Meet Clare Lovelace, the proud owner of two Soul Tribe yoga studios in Batemans Bay. 🧘‍♀️ Clare believes in the power of yoga, because it is not just about the psychical yoga postures, but also about how you relate to yourself and others and how to find piece of mind. She is passionate about creating a safe place where both beginners and experienced ‘yogi’ can develop their skills.

Clare joined the Batemans Bay Business and Tourism Chamber because she wants to support local businesses thrive! She feels the Love the Bay campaign has created a real pink ‘buzz’ around town and has given Batemans Bay and surrounds a ‘positivity injection’!

This Love the Bay business video has been produced by local photographer/videographer Martin Helmreich from Production Haus

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